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Moving Insurance


At Moving Services San Diego, we want you to fully understand the value of moving insurance. We know that moving insurance is as appropriate for people as a health care insurance policy. For this reason, we advocate the highest level of protection for the safety and security of your property. Even though the chance that you’ll have to file a moving insurance claim is very slim and we take every precaution to ensure safety and security with Moving Services San Diego, we want you to be fully prepared and informed about your options.

Released Value Protection: This insurance plan is the standard free policy provided in your moving agreement with our company. The plan entitles you to be reimbursed for any items damaged or lost at the rate of sixty cents per pound. While this plan offers some assurance of protection against loss or damaged goods, it does not provide repair or replacement value protection which could be far more advantageous should you be faced with a lost or damaged good. Though very rare, such an occurrence can happen so we advise protecting your assets from such an occurrence.

Full-Value Replacement Protection: This insurance plan is particularly beneficial if you are moving out of state, during the time that we will be overseeing your move, but may not have access to your property at all times. The right full replacement value plan entitles you to receive full replacement value for any items that are lost, damaged or missing whether by the fault of the moving company or man made catastrophe. So, we recommend an all risk policy which covers your property from the time it leaves your home until it arrives at your new location.  The average cost for such policies is usually less than 1.5% of the value of the goods so you can benefit from a strong return on investment.

The protection of your property is our highest priority. Our services are backed by the exceptional service that we have provided to our customers for moving, packing and storage. We have maintained a track record of achievement in moving property safely and securely. We also want you to have the highest level of protection, as necessary for your move.

To learn more about moving insurance or to receive a free price quote for your move, contact us at (619) 663-3828.